Providing real time data for real time decisions.

Aware360 is at the center of today’s Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) revolutions, providing real time monitoring innovations that help our customers manage their people, places and things with optimal efficiency. We accomplish this by integrating our advanced real time monitoring technologies into virtually any real-world scenarios via modem, smart phone, sensor or other device.


As the market leader in real time integration and monitoring solutions, we help organizations of all sizes and industries keep their people safer, manage their assets better, and stay ahead of the competition.


Regardless of the unique technical challenge or remote location, we help hundreds of businesses manage the complexities of their daily operations. We deliver a spectrum of business intelligence solutions designed to help our clients track more than thirty thousand events each and every day. To them this represents safer work environments. More productivity. Greater knowledge. Better bottom lines.


Get seamless access to consistent data. React quickly to issues and opportunities. Locate your people at a moment's notice, wherever they work. Contact us today and discover how you can put the power of Aware360 to work for you.


Our Methodology

If we can understand your use case, we can implement solutions for any scenario you may have. Solutions that can represent increased safety, greater efficiency and significant value to your operation.

  • 1998 Aware360 DrillNav Launched

    Aware360 launches its DrillNav application across Alberta

  • 2000 First PLM Launched

    There were four generations of the product totaling more than 10,000 units

  • 2004 SafetyLink Launched

    Aware360 launches its flagship SafetyLink Enforcement Monitoring application

  • 2010 Fast Trac Launched

    Firefighting drops tracking hardware and solution site for fire agencies to review drop history

  • 2011 Client Acquisition

    Aware360 announces Tera Environmental as its first major WorkAlone Customer

  • 2012 Client Acquisition

    Aware360 expands hardware offering with the acquisition of Siconix

  • 2012 Strategic Partnership

    Aware360 enters partnership on development and commercialization with Gemini

  • 2012 Monitor Center

    Aware360 announces funding Partnership with Tecterra for Northern WorkAlone monitor center

Real time solutions for real world scenarios.

  • Centralized monitoring
  • Real time information
  • Device agnostic
  • Exceptional flexibility

Lone Worker Safety

  • Certified response staff
  • 24 / 7 / 365 manned response
  • OHSA guideline compliant
  • Support for remote operations

Journey Management

  • Exception alerts
  • In-transit / remote monitoring
  • Theft / loss prevention & recovery
  • GPS tracking

Asset Tracking

  • Multi-partner AVL network
  • In-cab coaching
  • Seatbelt use alerts
  • Crash / rollover detection
  • Idle monitoring & alerts

Fleet Tracking

  • Real time event alerts
  • Improved performance metrics
  • Data import / export capabilities
  • Reduced service interruptions

Remote Monitoring

  • Ensure worker safety
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Capture facial detail
  • Protect property & assets

Video Analytics

Ever-expanding features. Exceptional benefits.

Discover what the most powerful real time monitoring solutions can do to simplify your world.

Aware360's cloud-based and mobile solutions provide you with the real time information to manage your people, places and things.


Cloud or's up to you. Use our world-class infrastructure or control your data yourself.


Aware360 integrates a variety of devices & machines. Whatever the issue or use case, we'll find the right real world solution.


All Aware360 solutions provide true two-way communications. Manage data to and from devices quickly and reliably.


Connect any of your devices into Aware360 in minutes. Build custom integrations using simple, robust and intuitive APIs.


Fast, seamless connectivity comes standard regardless of your use case, whether satellite, cellular, ZigBee, Bluetooth or radio.


A spectrum of leading-edge integration services.





From big projects to the smallest detail, put the power of Aware360's solutions to work for you.

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